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Church & Chapel , Inc.

~The Industry Leader In Supplies~

**Your Furniture & Equipment Master Catalog**





 The Regal Line / 100 Years of Service

~ Register Books / Ack Cards / Paper Supplies ~




~Register Books / Ack. Cards~



Peerless Plastics 

~ Mortuary Garments/Burial & Emergancy Pouches ~



Roberts & Downey

~Hand Crafited Chapel Furniture~


The Lovell Line

~Interior & Exterior Crosses & Crucifixes~



Rita Barber

Woman Suits & Dresses

~A Tribute with Style~


Rita Barber

Mens Suits

~A Tribute with Style~

KEE Distributors & Sales, Inc.

  Off: 508-677-1873 - Fax: 508-676-7691 - Text: 508-320-6969
E-Mail: KeeInfo@gmail.com

**Servicing The Funeral Industery For Over 25 Years **